I'm Missing You

This song has been in the works for a long time. I came up with the main riff about 3 years ago and it sat for a while. It wasn't until I was deployed in Qatar that I started playing around with it again. Then I tried several variations and finally came up with the current idea. I'm still not sure if I will change it again but here is this version.

The lyrics to the song were written for Denise while I was deployed, at first it was supposed to be a funny song but when I came up with the dreamy chours I changed the verses to be more serious except for the last line which is taken from one of our faviorate comedy shows "Vic Revees Big Night Out" He yells "Put the kettle on Mother I'm nearly done in the lav".

This song was also recorded using my cheap Squire Telecaster (which I sold overthere, it turned out to be really nice guitar but I plan on getting a better one at some point.)

Guitars Mike Casanova
Bass Mike Casanova/Apple Loops
Drums Mike Casanova/Apple Loops
Vocals Mike Casanova
Song Link Missing You
Song Lyrics

Just arrived here today
still 120 to do
tried to focus on work
but my thought are of you
just one day at a time
is how we will make it through

I'm so far
So far away
I'm so far
So far away
I'm missing you
I'm missing you

Well we made half way
two more months left to go
everyday seem so long
every second so slow
try to keep on a smile
but inside I feel low

I'm so far
So far away
I'm so far
So far away
I'm missing you
I'm missing you

It's been so many days
that I have been gone
my time here is over
I leave at first dawn
I'm on my home
So put the kettle on




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