Man On The Moon

Here is the last of the trio of songs that I didn’t write all the lyrics. This was co-written by the bass player that used to be in our workgroup, David Dennis. David came up to me and said he wanted to write a song together. I asked him to come up with an idea or concept and he said he wanted to write a song that was different to what I normally did. After a few weeks, I asked him if he had come up with anything he said he didn’t really have any idea. I said I would throw some ideas his way. I can’t remember the whole list at the time but I had seen a show about the moon and how different people in different parts of the world had come up with the man on the moon idea. So, I pitched that. After a while he still hadn’t come up with anything. I then wrote some lyrics to give him an idea and finally came up with something. He also wanted the music to be in a key that I don’t usually write in so I came up with F major. The funny thing was that David Bowie had just died and this being about moon I sort of dedicated it to him and when I was first learning guitar F is the one of the hardest chords to learn and lots of David’s songs were in F so I couldn’t play them. Then David said he had a change of heart and the he had written some lyrics about how supervisors don’t listen to subordinates. I said Ok and keep the music but rerecorded the lyrics. I don’t know why but while I was still working on the song, David said I changed my mind I want to go back to the Man in the Moon lyrics and he had once again changed. I think it was because he was promoted and was now one of the bosses. So, with a few changes to make the music fit here is the song. This song is a bit of more rock oriented that my last two offering, hope you enjoy.


Guitars Mike Casanova
Bass David Dennis
Keyboards Mike Casanova
Drums Apple Loops
Vocals Mike Casanova
Song Link Man On The Moon
Song Lyrics

People say there is someone up there
Some don’t believe, cuz they’re just unaware.
Believe them or not, that is all up to you
I’m here to tell you, what they’re saying is true

He’ll make you feel cozy at night
At first you will think it’s all alright
When you think that you can get away
You will realize you been led astray

Better not listen to the man on the moon
Because soon we could all be singing his tune
Once he gets ahold, it is really hard to shake
His frigid grasp no one can break

His aim is to control your mind
And then its impossible to unwind
Once he grabs ahold, he will not let go of you
He is ever-present, but you won’t have a clue

You better not listen to the man on the moon
Because soon we could all be singing his tune
His influence is limitless, nothing is out of play
If he isn’t stopped, this could be our last day

Don’t go listenin’ to the man on the moon
Everyone here knows that he is such a loon
Don’t go listenin’ to the man on the moon
Because we will all be singing the same tune

All music and lyrics are ©2017

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