La Curandera

Curandera: A woman who practices folk medicine; an herb doctor.

I first thought about this song when I was deployed to Qatar for the second time in 2010.  There was a small movie theater where they showed lesser known films.  I just happen to go in because there was nothing else to do and I didn’t even know what the movie was.  But it was about an elderly brother and sister that everybody suspected was into voodoo.  They hired a young pretty girl to look after the brother because he was very ill.  She didn’t believe in voodoo.  Then mysterious things started happening and the brother keep asking for help when he was conscious.  The young girl started looking into voodoo and went to Curandera for some help.  Eventually the young girl believed in voodoo and the old lady was able to transfer her spirit into young girl and the young girls went into her old body.  Then a young real-estate agent turned out to be the brother and old man was actually the young real-estate agent.  So these people just keep jumping bodies when they need too.
So after watching the film I was curious about Curanderas and I was reading about the things they do and one of them is something called cupping. This is were you take a candle and heat the air in these special glasses.  Then pop them on someone’s skin.  When the air cools it sucks up the skin.  It is like Mexican acupuncture.  When I was little, I remember my grandmother doing this to grandfather.  I also remember asking my Mom and all my aunts about this and none seem to know about it.
Also when I was little I remember that when I would get hurt my Aunt Pita would ask where it hurt and would rub it and chant Sana Sana Colita de Rana (heal heal little frog’s tail) and the funny thing is the pain would go away.

Guitars/Vocals Mike Casanova (Denise Casanova as La Curandera)
Bass Mike Casanova
Keyboards Apple Loops
Drums/Whistle Apple Loops
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