Major Influence
Here is a list of some of the people or bands that have influenced me in some way or other. My music my not sound anything like theirs but I would like to think that I am either aiming for that type of sound or overall quality. Some are direct influences and people have said they could hear it in my music. They are not listed in any order of importance it was just as they came into my mind.
Major Influence
Pink Floyd, guitarist David Gilmore and Syd Barret Pink Floyd as a band and also the style of both David Gilmore and Syd Barret have had a great influence on how I listen to and write music. Pink Floyd’s music is heavily blues influenced but still has a jazz improvisational style. David Gilmore guitar style proves that more is not always better and his knowledge of music means he can do so much more with just a few notes. Syd Barret song writing
Peter Frampton

Frampton’s solo live album and “Rockin’ the Filmore” were one of the main reasons I wanted to play guitar, his solos on Do you feel, Lines on my Face and Walk on Gilded Splinters are my goal post.

Led Zeppelin How can it not be? Jimi Page has the magic.
The Cure Robert Smith knows how to write some great simple songs. Once again proving knowledge is best.
Eugene Pryer My guitar teacher should be awarded sainthood for patients, Some say he has done the impossible and it is mostly about knowledge which is great.
Michael Morales It is hard to shine in a shadow, but watching learning and listening has had a great influence especially on production.
Franz Schubert The greatest song writer ever, goes to prove you don’t have to be the best to be the greatest.
W.A. Mozart Same as Led Zeppelin
Trapeze Great songs awesome guitar playing.
The Beatles They are probably the greatest Pop songwriters ever and you can’t help but to be influenced
Black Sabbath The dark edge of their music has always been attractive to me.
Cocteau Twins The smooth sound and atmosphere that they have is something I would love to have in my music.
Lydia Lunch (13.13 mostly) This album is pure emotion.
Brian Eno Once again mostly in production values but also some of the early stuff and ambient music had a big impact on me.
David Bowie What I like most is that he was always changing.  His stuff never sounded the same for very long.
Iggy Pop His raw energy and emotion is what I would to capture in my songs.
The Doors There is something hypnotic about this music that sucks you in and makes it believable.
The Sex Pistols Same as Iggy really, lots of raw energy and emotion.
Other bands I listened to that many not have had a direct influence but how can you listen to anything and it not influence you in some way

AC/DC, ZZ Top, Uriah Heep, Bauhaus, Yaz, New Order, The Cult, The Who, The Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones, Traffic, Robert Johnson, Skip James, Deep Purple, Neil Young, Lila Downs, Judas Priest, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Jeff Walker, Gillian Welch, Fiona Apple, Rainbow, Erik Satie, Cowboy Junkies, CocoRosie, Van Halen, The Carter Family, Budgie, Bob Wills, Frank Zappa and MOI and many others

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