Can't Sleep
This song is all about those nights when you know you need a good night sleep but the harder you try the more awake you seem to be. Of course when you finally get sleepy and start drifting off to sleep the alarm goes off and then you are sleepy all day and can't wait until night time. This is the third time I have used someone else on one of my songs, so many thanks to Katie Beckett, I think it really makes the song. This is also the first time that I didn't write all the lyrics. The second line of every verse is a Shakespeare quote.


Guitars Mike Casanova
Bass Mike Casanova
Keyboards Mike Casanova
Drums Apples Loops
Vocals Mike Casanova/Katie Beckett
Song Link Can't Sleep
Song Lyrics

Coyotes howling at the moon
The bird of dawning sings tonight
I hope I can fall asleep soon
But something just don't seem right.

The sands of time keep falling
Don’t know if I’ll sleep tonight

Soldiers’ marching in my ear.
The dragon’s wing of night doth spread
The sandman still does not appear.
It’s Apollo’s breath that I dread.

The hands of time keep turning
Still don't know if I'll sleep tonight

Roosters crowing at the dawn
The morning steals upon the night
My dream of sleep is all but gone
Staying awake is now my plight.

The hands of time keep crawling
Must not sleep until tonight

The sands of time keep stalling
Must not sleep until tonight

All music and lyrics are ©2015

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