Santa's Claws

This is just a fun song that my music teacher Eugene and I came up with. It was my lesson before Christmas and all his students had to come up with a Christmas Song. I hope you like it. Eugene also has a new Drum program that we used which is really nice. As for the title we couldn't think of the proper lyrics for the song and I accidently sang Santa's Claws and Eugene said "hey sing that instead."

Guitars Mike Casanova
Bass Eugene Pryer
Keyboards Mike Casanova & Eugene Pryer
Drums Eugene Pryer
Vocals Mike Casanova
Song Link Santa's Claws
Song Lyrics

You better not run

You better not hide

I'm telling you why

Santa's Claws are coming to town.

Santa's Clawwwwwsssssssss.



Ho Ho Ho Ho

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