What is LHFCFA? Well you will have to listen to the chorus of the song to figure it out. It is kind of a joke that my friend Michael Morales and me use to say was the reason girls liked us. It started when there was a girl I liked that didn't pay too much attention to me until she found out that I drove a 280 ZX, and then all of a sudden she had the hots for me. So Michael and I were sitting at Taco Cabana, on the corner of Bandera and 410 in San Antonio, talking about this and that is when we decided why girls liked us. Of course we know it is just a joke and I am sure that it is our personalities that attracted them to us

Guitars Mike Casanova
Bass Mike Casanova/Apple Loops
Drums Mike Casanova/Apple Loops
Vocals Mike Casanova
Song Link LHFCFA
Song Lyrics

It all started

When we grew our hair long

Lifted some weights

Put tight jeans on

Bought a fast car

Drove around town

Girls started calling

This is what they said.

Chorus (Listen to the song to find out)

Bought some guitars

Learn a few chords

Had a hit song

Then we went on tour

Went around the world

Playing everyday

Girls keep shouting

This is what they said


Now we're a bit older

Gained a few pounds

Cut our hair short

Drive a big limousine

But when we drive around town

Girls still shout out

This is what they say.

Chorus to fade




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