Fried Chicken Sandwich

This is an old song from my guitar lessons days. I think I first worked on this song back in 2007. It was an exercise that my guitar teacher gave me. When I brought the song to him he liked the melody but didn't like the way I played on it. He told me to work on it later when I was a little better at playing. I messed with it again in 2010 but still didn't like the way I played it. But now I bought a new guitar and I thought it would really suit this song. I think it sounds much better now. My guitar teacher wrote the rhythm and played keys, drums and bass. I played all guitars. I say it sounds like country but also has a jazzy sound to it. Country Jazz you could say.

Guitars Mike Casanova
Bass Eugene Pryor
Keyboards Eugene Pryor
Drums Eugene Pryor
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