Coming Home

Warning this song has sexual content that may be inappropriate for minors.

This is just a a fun song that came out of jamming. I was playing around with different tunings and I droped everything to E flat. Then I also played with the guitar settings and came up with what I thought was a really nice guitar sound. To record it, I hooked up a microphone and recorded the guitar live instead of going straight through my guitar processer. Usually I use loops for guitars but most of this was recored live. I also did the vocals live but edited them down for time. I think this song was about 10 min long. You will be glad I cut it down. I had fun recording it so I hope you have fun listening to it.

I told Denise that the song was for her but when I told her what the lyrics were she said it sounds more like you wrote it for yourself. Probably right. I also wrote this in the desert and played my Telecaster on it. See the pictures from the desert so you know which guitar I am talking about if you like.

Guitars Mike Casanova
Bass Mike Casanova/Apple Loops
Drums Mike Casanova/Apple Loops
Vocals Mike Casanova
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